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Inhabitants – guide for students

There are very few intelligent inhabitants on the tiny forest planet of Brackenwood. As a matter of fact, you can count them on one hand (providing you have at least 3 fingers on that hand). Apart from this handful of beings, the known areas of the planet are populated by animals, some elemental type beings such as faeries and yu-yu’s, and various species of.. shall we say ‘mindless’ creatures.

At one time there were probably more people in the world because those who exist here must surely have come from somewhere. Any traces of these past civilizations, however, are nowhere to be seen and on the face of it, Brackenwood appears untouched since the dawn of time.

One of the biggest of many Brackenwood mysteries is the Auld Sage. He is of the Bigfoot race of creatures but has lost most of his hair with age. Despite the hallmark stupidity of his species, he is for some reason the wisest thing in the world. While he knows everything there is to know, he is much more interested in a long conversation over a cup of hot tea, than imparting any knowledge or wisdom on request.

If you need to know something, you’d better have some time on your hands, because it’s not the way of the Auld Sage to just blurt out wisdom. It is more likely to ‘fall’ out of him in the course of a long conversation.

The Sage loves his world and all in it, including the nasty ones. He is tolerant, gentle, kind and is never in a hurry. He speaks the language of all living things, and is the only one who understands all the mysteries of Brackenwood, including the way he himself came to be.

His favorite pastime is traveling to see a friend. His best friend is the Brackenwood witch, Lemonee Wee and he can be found at her house each afternoon for tea.

The Auld Sage has starred in his own movie simply called ‘Auld Sage’ which you can find in the Episodes section. He also makes a cameo appearance in Bitey of Brackenwood, also to be found in that section.

The Brackenwood witch spends her life taking care of the forest all over the world. She lives alone, but each day spends some time with the Auld Sage as the two are fast friends. She is very intolerant of nonsense or damage to her forest (something that happens only very rarely and usually by accident) and she is quick to summon a spell in order to clean up a mess, repair broken foliage, or teach a lesson.

Her magic is very powerful as it draws upon the elemental forces of nature that beat at the heart of the planet. One of these she calls the ‘fliquid’ spell and she uses it more than any other. When the spell is cast, it appears as sheets and rising splashes of water, but it moves like fire, dancing and leaping from the ground upwards. The transparent ‘flames’ travel through the forest soaking all in their path. She uses a smaller version of this spell to water her own garden or make a pot of tea.

Lemonee Wee knows where she is from, and she also knows much of the history of Brackenwood, but the Auld Sage is the only one with whom she can discuss such things, as he is the only one intelligent enough to carry a conversation with her

Bitey of Brackenwood is an episode featuring Lemonee Wee.

Bitey is the fastest thing on the planet. Nothing can match his speed and it usually gets him anything he wants. He has grown up alone in the world, always getting his own way. He has never had to hunt for food because he can simply steal it from someone else using his extraordinary ability.

The malicious and mischievous satyr-like creature has been alone for as long as he can remember, but occasionally some very vague memories of his parents come flashing back to him. When he dreams about his parents, he always sees them from behind as they flee something terrible amidst a howling musical storm.

This complete absence of role model is probably the sole reason for Bitey’s attitude in life. With nobody to teach him any lessons, he is an opportunist, self-absorbed, cruel and arrogant. When he sees some creature enjoying itself or having a nice time, Bitey feels compelled to ruin the day. It gives him immense pleasure knowing that he’s better than everything, but this is always his downfall. In his pride, he is often vulnerable and his speed cannot save him at times like those.

Despite these unfortunate traits, Bitey has feelings and most of the time we can empathize with him. He is introduced in his own episode called Bitey of Brackenwood as well as a starring role in the most recent Brackenwood movie: Prowlies at the River.

The origins of this weird little fellow are as obscure as other great mysteries on the planet of Brackenwood. With obvious physical likeness to some kind of elf or goblin, Bingbong is the embodiment of stupidity. Despite his slight build and 4-year old mentality, he has a hidden power: he is the strongest creature in the world. He means no harm to anyone though, and in fact, he goes out of his way to help where he can. This often turns to disaster simply because Bingbong has no idea of his power and in his rush to help out (often in situations that don’t need his help) he messes things up even more. So much so, that certain creatures have come to recognize his giggles and slapping footsteps approaching from a distance, and have learned to keep at a safe distance.

Everything is a potential best friend or favorite toy to Bingbong, that is until something else grabs his attention.

Bingbong is adored by the great Auld Sage and Lemonee Wee, but they leave him to innocently wander the planet alone as he loves to do. He may be stupid, but Bingbong must surely be the happiest thing alive.

Bingbong’s introductory episode was the first Brackenwood episode ever. You can find Bingbong of Brackenwood in the episodes section.


While the faeries are known to have a playful streak, they like to go about their lives undisturbed and usually frown upon any intrusion into their affairs. Occasionally however, they will show sympathy towards a lost wanderer or helpless animal in the deepest, wildest parts of the forest. While they are usually aloof and treat outsiders with a mixture of caution and mistrust, both Lemonee Wee and the Auld Sage are highly respected by the faeries and are always welcome in their realm.

If you disturb the faeries, or if they decide to have some fun with you, they can punish you in any number of ways. Mild punishments include headache, dizziness and nausea, but the heavier punishments are too terrible to mention. They have been known to trap people in their world with food, music or through a circular weaving dance. The sights and sounds of their revelry is so captivating that the passer-by cannot resist rushing to join the dance. The music gets louder, the dance gets faster and soon you vanish from this world and find yourself the next, where you will wander alone and aimless for the rest of your life.

How the faeries treat you is largely a matter of luck, but you have a better chance to gain their favor if you respect the forest, move quietly and leave food for the birds and ants (such as honey, cake or biscuit crumbs).

The faeries feature in Bingbong of Brackenwood.


The Yu-Yu’s are a dangerous race of little shadow people. They are about as tall as your knee and you only ever see or hear them as you’re on the edge of sleep. If you hear the Yu-Yu’s coming, be sure to open your eyes and sit up in bed, otherwise they will steal you away to be their slave in the shadow world where the sun never shines and everything is in silhouette.

When you close your eyes to sleep, you are making a little journey from the waking world to the world of dreams. Between the two worlds is ‘the gateway’, and it is here that the Yu-Yu’s ambush you and drag you into their world.

When you are crossing the gateway you will hear them chanting ‘yu-yu yu-yu yu-yu’. This is the only time you’ll hear them, but otherwise they communicate silently by flashing their eyes in different color-sequences to one another.


These strange creatures are usually passive but can be dangerous when disturbed, especially in numbers. Prowlies are territorial and live in groups of five. When a new prowlie is born, one of the group will leave and go out into the world to find a mate and start its own family.

Prowlies are very resourceful, dextrous and tough. Above all though, they are playful and curious. They have a natural tendency to protect or care for smaller animals than themselves and have been seen going to some extraordinary lengths to help smaller animals avoid danger. Knowing this, it may come as a surprise to learn that they are very adept swimmers and survive mainly on fish.

There is an episode featuring some prowlies in Prowlies at the River


The animal life on Brackenwood is almost as diverse as the plant-life, with each new episode discovering some new and wonderful creatures. Here is a brief outline of the few that have featured in episodes so far:

Bigfeet – these large hairy bipeds are the gentle giants of the forest. They are almost like guards, in that they watch over the forest and listen for trouble. They are vegetarians.

Fatsacks – probably the most useless creature ever created. The fatsack sits in the grass like an overfilled water balloon and when it needs to, it moves like one too. With its short trunk, it feeds by inhaling gnats from the air which are dissolved in its internal juices. Disgestion is an ongoing process within the fatsack, so gases are released frequently and noisily from its trunk. Fatsacks have sharp claws but they only ever use them to tear grass and leaves in order to disturb gnat-nests.

Chisel-lizards – the reason for the existence of the chisel-lizard, like the fatsack, is unknown. They appear to have no other purpose but to make holes in trees. From the study of their stools, it may be that they ingest small amounts of wood as they work, but they are very difficult to track and so nobody can say whether they eat anything else.

Mood Birds – The mood of this bird is displayed in the coloring of its feathers, which can change almost instantly. It has no ‘usual’ color, suffice to say that when a mood bird is content, it is blue. When it has been disturbed it turns green (probably a defensive camoflage reflex), and when it is angry it becomes red and goes into attack mode. There are many other colors and shades in which the mood bird has been observed, but the emotions associated with those are unclear. Feathers displaced will always remain the color they are at the time of removal.

Blood-Coat – this little tree-dwelling biped is fairly harmless and eats nothing but beetles and fireflies, so the name tends to describe it in a negative way. The fur is quite beautiful in sunlight, being crimson, shiny and dense. The skin is very saggy like an oversized coat, but when stretched from its extended arms, legs and tail the skin becomes like wings and the Blood Coat can fly with flapping movements. It also has very dextrous hands, each with five naturally sticky fingertips, like those of a gecko, which help it to climb trees and grasp prey.

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