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Episodes for Schools in First Semester

All of these episodes have been made using Macromedia Flash on my home computer. Except for Auld Sage episode, all of the music you hear in the movies are my own compositions, played and recorded by me; some with real instruments but mostly with MIDI.

The four completed episodes – most recent first – are:

Bitey’s personal water supply becomes contaminated, so he goes to the river for a drink. There he finds the place occupied by five prowlies.. strange creatures that are usually passive, but can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Prowlies at the River is 2005’s Grand Prize Winner of the world’s largest digital online storytelling competition, ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’, as well as a Finalist (TBA) in Flash Forward San Francisco.

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Bitey is the fastest thing on the planet, but occasionally his speed advantage does him no good whatsoever. Whenever karma catches up with Bitey, it gets him good, and we see it happen in this episode.

This Brackenwood movie took the Runner-up prize early this year in the first annual ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ competition.


The Auld Sage is a bigfoot who has lost all his hair with age. For some reason he is the wisest thing on the tiny forest planet of Brackenwood. In this short movie, we find him walking and singing on a warm evening.

This is not really an episode, just an introduction to the Auld Sage. The song is an untitled bonus track from the Coldplay album ‘Parachutes’. It is used without permission from EMI records, so the episode is not really an ‘official’ Brackenwood episode.

Bingbong is lured by the music of the faeries. In his excitement, he runs to join them in their dance, and true to the tales of old, the faeries begin to weave their magic.

This Brackenwood movie was a cartoon category finalist in the Flash Forward Film Festival in San Francisco, March 2004.

The following episodes are currently in various stages of production, some in initial concept with basic story outline and sketches, some are at the storyboard stage, and one of them I have begun to animate.

Brackenwood series title sequence


Currently in storyboard stage of production, this short piece will be the sequence that plays at the start of each Brackenwood episode. One at a time, it shows each character and the essence of his/her personality, as well as how he/she interacts with the other characters.


currently being animated. Bitey is feeling very hungry and is on the lookout for some food to steal. At the edge of a lake, he encounters the Auld Sage who is waist-deep in the water, picking Waterlollies and humming happily to himself. A bowl of waterlollies, picked by the Auld Sage, floats at the water’s edge so Bitey empties the contents down his throat and sits down to bask in the sun. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s just done something very dangerous.


Bitey needs to take a wizz, but everywhere he goes, someone is watching.

Helpful Bingbong

As Bingbong encounters a string of creatures in distress, he tries a little too hard to help each one.

Birthday Present

for the Auld Sage’s birthday, Lemonee Wee gives him an enchanted gift.

Lemonee Wee, The Brackenwood Witch

In her own episode, this is an introduction to Lemonee Wee. We tag along with her to glimpse a day in the life of the Brackenwood witch.

Bitey versus Bingbong

for the first time ever, Bingbong and Bitey meet. Bingbong is delighted to have found a new best friend, and Bitey is delighted to have found a challenge.

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