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Web design as the essay topic for undergraduates

Arise question for all undergraduates who are planning to write a good persuasive essay, with the required amount of facts, bullet points, and proofs.

First of all, what student shall do to make his essay properly?

  • Read books about his project
  • Check the facts and proofs
  • Do not use Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org)
  • Follow all the question with the mentor
  • Have skills in the subject student is following

Only having decent skills and ideas about the topic of the essay – undergraduate has a change to make it readable for the tutor.

Going back to the main subject of the art and design faculty of every university – web design is the article undergraduate must have not only the understanding but actually practice as well.

The only student who does design on the everyday basis has the understanding how it is working and could be implemented in the real life.

What type of essay topics related to the web design exist in the regular college:

  1. Projecting design essay
  2. Architecting design essay
  3. Photo essay
  4. Web design essay
  5. Art and design essay

These five topics are enough to cover the majority of the points design is about. What books are required to be read before starting doing important works on these topics?

The book by G.H. Markus What is the design today? Where described in the details all aspects of the design, photos, persuasive essay topics, architecting, and so on. So every student who is in respect before himself – must read some paragraphs of this book, be better to read it all.

There is no bad design exist

In the last, we want to admit that there is no bad design exist for the undergraduates, there is the way every person see this world, the angle he can describe the situation arise in front of him. Every point of view should be appreciable and respected. Only living the life of free mind the designer can create the world he sees. The future of our world.


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